Newbury 365

Newbury is a town rich in history with many events having left their mark in the landscape. It is known that people have been visiting the region as for at least 12,000 years, evidence of which have been discovered throughout the district. The town has grown from the small, pre-Norman, settlement of Ulvritone to what we see and know today as Newbury.

Growth has been rapid and in some cases, such as the cloth trade, made men rich and well known throughout Europe. Growth though is usually followed by a decline and in the case of the cloth trade a workhouse had to be established. The canal came to Newbury only to be succeeded by the railway.

The book will be of interest to all. Events are documented in this publication that cover a wide range of events, people and locations. Items have been selected that include the opening of buildings to acts of murder and heroism. Some events question long held ideas of our history such as when the Marsh was renamed Victoria Park.

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