More publications

Besides the publications mentioned I have written numerous smaller articles about local (Thatcham and Newbury) history and first aid for local magazines including Thatcham Town Guide, Thatcham Connections, Buzz Magazine, Out & About and many more. Some of these are listed below:

  • (Editor) Journal of Thatcham Historical Society, July 2007
  • In Newbury, Thatcham: Britains oldest inhabited settlement?, Winter 2015/16
  • Thatcham History, Thatcham Town Guide 2013
  • Thatcham History, Thatcham Town Guide 2015
  • Thatcham History, Thatcham Town Guide 2017
  • For the Buzz Magazine
    • In the beginning, September 2017
    • Chamberhouse Castle, October 2017
    • Thatcham Church, November 2017
    • Dunstan House, December 2017
    • Thatcham House, January 2018
    • Thatcham at War, February 2018
    • Thatcham in Domesday, March 2018

This is a small selection of the articles I have written and then there are other articles I have helped to write wih others.