Blog entries for Thatcham

What is the oldest building in Thatcham?

24th Mar 2019
I am always being asked the question “What is the oldest building in Thatcham?” So first a clarification, typically the person asking is referring to...

Chapel Street

15th Feb 2019
Chapel Street in Thatcham has gone by a few different names including East Street and Duck Street. There are a number of places of historic interest...

Thatcham Remembers

12th Nov 2018
The Great War, or the First World War, now being 100 years old lasting from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918 has been celebrated by many and so I...

Mills of Thatcham

2nd Aug 2018
I have been researching many areas of the history of Thatcham, farms, pubs and so on. One that fascinates me is that of the mills. I wrote about one...

Doctors Orders

28th Jun 2018
Getting medical help is relatively easy with the NHS but what did we do before this revolutionary service? Two of the earliest doctors of the village...

Thatcham Market

30th May 2018
I have been writing, on behalf of Thatcham Historical Society, articles for The Local Buzz magazine. So here is a copy of another one of the articles: