Blog for 2018

Women in history

3rd May 2018
Despite so much history being written much is still male dominated, even in local history. However women have played a vital role in the development...

Hi-Tec Bandera

5th Apr 2018
My Hi-Tec Hillside boots have finally had it, parts on the bottom have completely worn out. Not bad, they have lasted 2 years and been through a lot...

Thatcham Road Names

2nd Apr 2018
History is all about us with one often overlooked piece of evidence being in the road and field names. Many of the modern road names have an historic...

On foot, a review

12th Mar 2018
Back last September I wrote a post (see here) about some of the footwear I have had over the last few years. I mentioned I have largely stuck with Hi...

Is Thatcham Britains oldest inhabited settlement?

4th Mar 2018
I wrote an article for a local magazine and town guide a few years back on the general history of Thatcham. Here is the updated version.

Thatcham Church

15th Feb 2018
I have been writing, on behalf of Thatcham Historical Society, articles for The Local Buzz magazine. So here is a copy of another one of the articles: