Thatcham Historical Society

Most know I love my local history and that I have been involved with Thatcham Historical Society for some time. I have been involved since 1999 and stepped onto the committee in 2003. I often get questions of what I have done since then so for those asking I have held various posts including vice-chair and chair on several occasions. I manage the website, social media, newsletter (2004 - 2011), digital archives, I took the minuites for a few years, coordinated events, produced many of the materials we use, coordinated the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures (PAML, 2010 - 2014), re-wrote Thatcham over 2000 years and St Mary's Graveyard records, started the Oral History Project, coordinated the Historic Heritage Publication and ran the Thatcham History facts months 2009 - 2011.

Now after having to take a short break I have stepped back intot he role of chairman for 2018. A copy of the AGM press release is given below:

Thatcham Historical Society held their Annual General Meeting on the evening of the 29th January 2018. The acting chair, Alf Wheeler, started the evening welcoming all those present and recalling the events of 2017.

Alf noted that “we started the year with a depleted committee, but luckily were able to enroll Julie Armstrong as Chair and Ann Dibble as Secretary. A variety of speaker meetings were held, ranging from canal history to prehistoric history in Wessex.  The society has helped in community engagements such as assisting St Mary’s Church by providing a written commentary and photographs for their Flower Festival exhibits from June 16th-19th 2017.

For personal reasons Julie stepped down as Chair and Alf took over as acting chair. Alf presented Tony Higgot with a framed print of the Thatched Cottages in appreciation of his two decades of service on the committee. Tony has a wide interest in local history, dating from his time as curator of Newbury  District Museum.

Dr Nick Young was voted in as chair for the ensuing year. He thanked the committee for their hard work over the past year and welcomed current and new committee members onboard. The society was formed in 1967 but held their first meetings in 1968 and so the evening ended with a 50th anniversary cake being cut by Julie, Alf and Nick.

All enjoyed a social evening after the main AGM and Nick welcomed many new members.