Love teaching?

There is no doubt teaching is a rewarding experience. I am going to generalise and when I say teaching in this article I am including not only teaching but training and lecturing, not online but face-to-face. I have done all three and yes there are differences, but mostly they are very similar. Teaching a group or an individual is often more rewarding than not. Take teaching a BTEC Computing or Engineering course for example, seeing a person enter on the course having just finished school and then working with them for the next few years and seeing them out into industry or to university is not only an accomplishment for them but as a teacher you have set them up on their future path. Or a short course such as my Heartstart Thatcham, knowing in 2 hours you might have given someone the skills to save a life. All teaching is rewarding, or that is my belief.

There might be bumps in the road teaching, hurdles such as discovering dyslexia to overcome. How you handle hurdles will have an impact on the pupil. Some of these are easy to deal with, others are more delicate. One thing to learn as a teacher though, and I see many forgetting this, you can still ask for help. You have a might have a boss, wellbeing experts, and more but never think you are alone and have no support.

I mentioned about teaching in an earlier post and got various comments, and I quote:

  • You get lots of holidays
    • No we do not. Half term, study week, summer holiday's, we do not get off. Most of my half terms are spent marking, preparing class materials, meetings, etc.
    • The summer holiday includes all of the admin and prep for the coming academic year.
    • In reality, we get no more holiday than anyone else.
  • You get bonus for passing students
    • No we do not. Our pay is not performance related. We get the same pay irrespective of the number of students that pass or do not achieve.
    • Even if this were true, I would not pass a student if they have not done the work. It something called integrity!
  • You get paid well
    • No. College teachers are not paid that well. In-fact some of the students I teach are better paid!

Teaching, despite what people think is far from easy, if it was why is there a shortage of teachers? The teaching is great, getting pupils to pass and achieve, but behind the scenes remember that you have to add preperation time, marking work, parents evenings, open days, training events, Ofstead visits, verifier visits, etc. So teaching 22 hours a week sounds sweet but you can easily add another 30 hours per week on to that for all of the extra work behind the scenes.

It is not that it is bad, indeed as I have said many times seeing pupils achieve is worth all the effort. What I want is for the general public to realise that teachers put in a lot more effort than the pupil and parent generally see and many tend to forget that.

I still teach, or I should say train, but am looking to give online teaching a try via Udemy or similar.