Listed buildings

Being an historian I am well aware of listed buildings and thought it would be interesting, having dabled with QGIS and Tilemill, to see what the density of buildings are throughout the country. So I downloaded the listed building data from Historic England and started playing with the information. I came up with some point maps, one shown below showing just grade I listed buildings.

But I wanted something more interestings so I decided to perform some Hex-binning in QGIS (thanks to Mapbox for the tutorial) and tilemill for styling. I have styled the map (see below) to show low density with the lightest colour and denser darker. That is to say the lightest colour has 10 or less listed buildings, the darkest has more than 1000. A few labels added in Photoshop and it is done. Might not be the best but my first attempt! Not suprisingly London has one of the highest concentration of listed buildings and more suprisingly there are some areas with none. There are other analytics that could be done, distribution/density via county or town and I might attempt that at a latter date.