Web developer or designer?

Many will know that besides my voluntary work (Heartstart Thatcham, Thatcham Historical Society, etc.) I work as a web developer.   A designer will typically, in my view, just design the look and layout. A developer although largely works on the code. I and many others do both and thus comes the issue, we are designers and developers, so what do you call us? Some of my clients call me a designer, others a developer, at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Personally I prefer to be called a developer.

I typically work with Content Management Systems (CMS). These allow the client to be able to easily maintain the site themselves. And I will put my hands up, some websites I design from scratch, whilst some clients prefer to use a pre-made design, for example from themeforest.

A short list of some of the websites I have created, some I still maintain:

For more please see my "website work" page.