Newbury Then and Now

Many people now know about my book “Thatcham Then and Now” that was published in 2012 by The History Press. Well there is now another one, "Newbury Then and Now" that I have written. It should be on the shelves the week commencing the 12th August 2013.  W.H.Smith and Waterstones in Newbury sill be stocking it as well as Thatcham Family Bookshop, and it will no doubt be available online.

This is the third history book I have been involved with writing, the second one that I have done on my own! A location with a history going back to the stone age and one with nationally and internationally famous locals.  One which will create discussion is that of Jack of Newbury, long believed to have been John Winchcombe alias Smallwood, from Winchcombe in Glocs. The book reveales that this is wrong and is actually John Winchcombe II.  

There are Mesolithic finds around the area, possible Roman settlements, but as we know it today, Newbury is largely the result of the Normans, although there may have been an earlier settlement, references are to Ulvritone and not Newbury.

Discover more in this new book!

And there are more books on their way both on various aspects of Thatcham and Newbury, more details on these at a later date.