Heartstart Thatcham

I heard on Monday 13th May 2013 that the Heartstart scheme that I have been trying to get established has been officially accepted for affiliation to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).  What this means is that the scheme is independent from the BHF but has an affiliation.  The BHF supply equipment and other materials to get us up and running and allow us to use the name "Heartstart."  The scheme is not ready to run yet, resources have yet to be delivered, without which training cannot occur, the instructors need to be vetted and trained, funding to be finalised, and so on.  An official website (www.heartstartthatcham.info) will soon be set-up, twitter and facebook accounts have already been established. They will all be joined together and use the same logos and graphics, but you will have to bear with it whilst things are set-up. It is thought that training for the public may start in June or July.  Will keep you up to date as things progress.