A New Year

So 2012 has come and gone and we are starting 2013. What happened in 2012? Well as far as this website and I are concerned, a great deal. The website got moved twice to different servers as well as having a clean up. I will work more on the website this year, may give it a new look, but will be keeping it more unto date, more posts and some of my projects will get shown. Some of my project Jimmy Riddle, for example, I have already decided to ditch due to lack of time. This one I was going to use for a map of toilets, I know dumb idea but the plan was to allow you to be able to find the nearest toilet to where you are from a mobile phone. I still like the idea, but have no time to develop it. So this and others (digital-slr.net, jimmyriddle.net, jimmyriddle.com, newburyonline.net, newburytribe.net, nickpics.co.uk, thatchamtribe.net, turnpikeschool.co.uk, virtualnewbury.net, virtualthatcham.net, webdsgnr.co.uk and webdsgnr.net) have been ditched.

Many will know me, locally (Thatcham and Newbury) anyway, for my voluntary work with Thatcham Historical Society, Thatcham Vision, the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures, fund-raising for the British Heart Foundation, for my history talks, for my photography, or one of several other roles. I set out in 2012 to be less involved and picked up more and more. I came to realise I took on too much and towards the end of the year I started to cut back, and will do more so in 2013. Indeed I am already less involved and active with several groups, some roles I will drop altogether. It is all very rewarding, but you have to balance it with your paying job and home life, not always easy.

For those who don't know me I have had several pieces of work published, journal and conference papers, magazine articles and history books. In 2012 I had "Thatcham Then and Now" published, and one of my Newbury history books completed, awaiting for publication. I have other books to get published in 2013, one of which I have already got a publisher for. This year may well see many more books and research completed and/or started than any other year.

So all in all 2012 was good, exhausting, but good and 2013 should see more work but with a more relaxed and paced flow.