Family Tree Charts (part 2)

This is the second post on family trees, if you missed part one then pop back and read it here. To continue with the different type of Family Tree charts that I have been experimenting with

The Browns

I saw, a year or so ago, an article on the Kennedy’s. You can see the article on the Guardians’ website. The tree was done, similar to a fan chart. At the centre is the oldest person or couple and then it fans out. Most people have seen fan charts and they are good and useful, however, I wanted something a little different and so though I would have a go at creating something similar to the Kennedy tree.

I have put my own stamp on it. I have not gone back too far, the problem with this variation is that you either need a very large print, or very small text to show more than four or five generations. When I showed it at a talk in May, people did quite like it. They said it was clear and easy to follow, the only downside, as already noted, was that it only covered a small number of generations.

The Pinnocks

Many people have seen and/or use Ancestry. Both the online and the iPad versions have a very nice display for the trees. It is just a shame that you cannot export or print the tree as it is shown on the screen.

I thought I would have a go, just to see what Ancestry could do, at mocking-up a possible resultant output. With this in mind, using the Pinnock family as a base, one possible output can be seen. The idea is that I would view a tree on Ancestry, or iPad, I could then export or print what I see directly. That would result in the top half of the image shown.

What would then be nice is if a method was provided to allow parts of the tree to be expanded and additional information to be added, as shown. Ancestry could then give the option of ordering it as a poster, I certainly would use it if they did that.