Thatcham Then and Now Launch

Many people now know about my book, “Thatcham Then and Now.” It is set to launch later this week at an event on 26th July 2012, 7pm at Frank Hutchings Community Hall in Thatcham. I am giving a short talk at the launch, presenting a few of the books to certain people and then Thatcham Family Bookshop will be present to sell the books. This is the second history book I have been involved with writing, but the first one that I have done on my own!

A location with a history going back over 12,000 years, nationally important archaeological sites and nationally and internationally famous locals. You could be forgiven for not recognising this as Thatcham. There is evidence of people in the Thatcham area from the Palaeolithic period right up to the modern day. Evidence of these early visitors comes in many forms including axe heads, flint tools, leather shoes, coins and much more. There was a Mesolithic settlement to the west of the present town centre, a Roman settlement in the Henwick area, but as we know it today, Thatcham is largely the result of Saxon settlers. The present Church is believed to be situated on top of a Saxon Church dating to the 7th Century. It is not know how big this settlement was, although a glimpse can be made by the Domesday records which show approximately 250 people living and working in Thatcham. At this time Thatcham was more important than its neighbour, Newbury, and remained so for some time.

People have asked me about the information I have gathered and what will happen to the material I have gathered that has not been included. Well I have already started working on additional Thatcham history books, their exact details will be discussed at a later date. But all materials I have will be used in future publications, so please if you have any materials then do keep sending them my way.