Thatcham and Newbury History

I started and finished writing my latest history book in 2011 entitled “Thatcham: Then and Now.” The book was sent to the publishers, The History Press, and is now being printed ready for a July 2012 release. Many local people and organisations have loaned or even given the author photos and postcards to use, others have provided invaluable information on some aspects of the history. So much so that I am already looking at the possibility of one or two more Thatcham books in the future.

Please note, people have asked me for an update on the Thatcham book, for copies, for me to sign them, etc. So to answer the common questions:

  • The book SHOULD be released in July 2012. Sorry can't be more specific.
  • I am organising a launch event, details will follow at some point.
  • I am not selling the books directly, you can (pre) order from your local bookshop
  • I will sign them for you, either at the launch event, via a signing session, or other.

I am also producing two more history books, this time on Newbury. I am collecting and looking for resources to use for these books and am hopeful that people will be as kind and generous with their materials with these books as they were with the Thatcham one. If you have any old photographs, news events, etc. of Newbury and the surrounding area you would be prepared to share, then please get in touch with me via my contact page.