Past, Present and Future

A little lat in getting here but my review of 2011 and look at what has been happening and will happen in 2012, both with the website and my activities.  So lets get started.

Last year, 2011

With regards to the website(s), this one got a make-over in August, along needed one. This followed the make-over of Thatcham Historical Society earlier in the year. Staying with this website I have decided to stop some of the older posts, the "What If" and some of the "Reviews." I may post on those again but will be on an ad-hoc basis. I started to wite a series about taking a PSD file and turning it to HTML and then Drupal code (see here), a series which is yet to be completed. Also started was a series about photography which will be on going (see here).

Away from this site, I continued, and still do, run my own business, DevZen, which develop websites, typically Drupal based. I run various other websites including Thatcham Historical Society and Thatcham Online. Sadly some websites/projects such as Jimmy Riddle have been delayed, others have gone the way of the Dodo and other domains have been put up for sale.

Into the real world, I started and compelted writing a local, Thatcham, history book, "Thatcham: Then and Now." This is set to be published in July 2012. I was also honoured by the local community with a Gold Civic Award, which came as a complete shock. In addition I ahve had the honour of being involved with many local events, perhaps one of the highlights for me in 2011 was the "Freedom of the Town."

This year and beyond...

So what does 2012 and beyond hold? Well to start with ths business is still running, have got some new clients on-board, some to re-vamp their websites others to create brand new sites.  I am again Chairman of Thatcham Historical Society, running the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures, and am involved in several other lcoal events.  I have two more books I am writing, this time on the history of Newbury, and am planning others. I would like to try to get my photography off the ground as well.

As for this site, it still needs work, however, I will be attempting to be more active with posts. I plan to create a few of the "Useful" blog posts where I briefly describe a useful resource.  I will also be looking at a few posts to answer some regular questions such as "how do you get started writing books?", "how do you get started in family history?" and perhaps the most common one, "how do you make money online?".  The latter I sill also look at the freebie websites such as freebiejeebies (disclaimer referral link) actually work.

So a busy year, 2011, gone, a busy year already started and more to come...