Freedom of Thatcham Town

I was lucky enough to be involved with the "Freedom of the Town" event in Thatcham on 20th July 2011. I was asked by Thatcham Town Council if I could provide a live web cast of the event. Normally I take photographs and not video, I couldn't really say no. Besides many people had already remarked that they were sad they would not be able to attend the event, so for many this would provide them with Cheap Pandora that opportunity.

Internet connection was kindly provided by Thatcham Family Bookshop and the event was streamed live using There were issues, sadly with my laptop which caused the connection to drop out a few times. Despite this, there was a large number watching the live video feed.

I had a set-up whereby I had a DSLR capable of HD recoding also attached to the same tripod that the live video camera was on, so I was able to take a few pictures and also record the event in HD. I have since taken the footage and created a video of the event for all to enjoy. You can see it below or over on vimeo.

Freedom of Thatcham Town from Nick Young on Vimeo.