Blog for 2009

Useful: CSS Zen Garden

27th Feb 2009
I converted to the Semantic style of coding a long time ago. For those of you who need your memory refreshing, the principle is to separate Content (...

Book Review: Thatcham

21st Feb 2009
Most of you know that I love my history, especial local and ancient. The book I am reviewing this week is 110 years old, written in 1899 by Samuel...

What If: Dinosaurs

16th Feb 2009
What: Dinosaurs were animals that dominated the land from 235 to 65 million years ago, which included the, Jurassic and Triassic periods. Not all of...

TV/Film Review: Longitude

15th Feb 2009
Longitude, is the story of the solving of how to accuratley and reliably calculate Longitude. This is based through the eyes of a Navy Commander,...

Useful: Remember The Milk

8th Feb 2009
Okay, I have mentioned this one before but I find this one so useful, both personally and for business that I could not eresist one more plug for it.

Book Review: Apple Confidential

7th Feb 2009
Apple Confidential 2.0 is a book detailing the history of Apple and includes detailed information on many of the Apple products including List and...