Drupal Themes

I ported Andreas02 (see original authors website) to Drupal in 2007. Since then, a huge amount of people have asked me if I would port other themes by Andreas Viklund over. Well this is now well underway.  Earlier today I released the initial versions of the following themes:

I expect there are still bugs in there, so please do not use on production sites at present.  I am also in the process of porting Andreas00 - 09 to a single theme (using sub-themes). See the Drupal project page for more information. There are no release yet, but there are files, incomplete, in the CVS. I will, with any luck, have all of these ported by the start of next week. This will be an initial release, which will need bug fixes and improvements.

If you find any of these useful, please consider donating to help keep these bug free and improvements and updates coming. Part of this will also go back to the original designer.