Phone Memory

I purchased a 2GB Micro SD card for my Nokia 6300. I thought I would be able to copy the existing card to my PC and then back to the new card. I forget that most software is not that logical. After a bit of work I found this post explaining how to get the old file, including all of the pre-installed items to the new card:


Thank you very much. I just managed to copy the contents....

I was able to copy the contents with following steps
1) Connect USB Cable in Nokia Mode with the Original Memory Card Inserted, Open Nokia PC Suite, The Phone Connects....
2) Open Windows Explorer Copy the folders to the "C" drive of Phone in General Folder (files are stored as Received Files)
3) Remove the Original MicroSD, Put New MicroSD
4) On the Phone (Open Gallery) Move the ALL contents from "Received Files" to the "Memory Card" (Root)

and that's about it, you may receive warning (if some folders are existing) it is preferable to empty the new higher capacity MicroSD prior to upgrade.