Mega-ITX: Components (Part 2)

To start with, I wanted a case before purchasing anything else. This is a key point for anyone building a Mini-ITX project. Get the case first, and then plan the rest of the components around the case. Anyway, I wanted something small, unobtrusive and would not look out of place. I finally decided to go “RETRO” and obtained a non working SEGA Mega-CD from EBay for £15.Next, the case was opened-up and gutted, several parts of the casing removed and a part cut out of the back of the case for access ot the ports on the motherboard. This then allowed me to measure the space and figure out what components I could fit in to the box.

At this stage I priced up and ordered the remaining components. A complete list of parts and prices are given below:

Motherboard MINI-ITX.COM £74.03
Slimline DVD-ROM £20.00
Laptop Hard Disk (40GB) £46.24
Slimline CD Adapter MINI-ITX.COM £11.16
2.5" to 3.5" IDE Adapter cable MINI-ITX.COM £8.81
256MB Memory From previous project £0.00
Netgear 11Mbps Wireless USB MINI-ITX.COM £34.08
USB Cable adapter LinITX.COM £1.76
  Total (approx.) £252.21