Blog for October 2007

New Site

30th Oct 2007
I have been working on a new site for a while, or rather learning Drupal and creating a theme. What you are looking at is the result.

Mega-ITX: Final Assembly (Part 4)

28th Oct 2007
All of the parts now set-up and working, the final part was to put it all together. This revealed one snag. The back panel could not be fitted as...

Mega-ITX: Construction (Part 3)

28th Oct 2007
As I said earlier, the case was gutted and several of the plastic parts of the case were removed. I wanted to also reduce the noise coming from this...

Mega-ITX: Components (Part 2)

28th Oct 2007
To start with, I wanted a case before purchasing anything else. This is a key point for anyone building a Mini-ITX project. Get the case first, and...

Mega-ITX: Part 1

28th Oct 2007
At the moment my PC pumps out a serious amount of noise, which is fast becoming annoying. Ok, I have a lot of kit in there, most of it I could do...

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

28th Oct 2007
I have been taking part in the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Post Compulsory Education (PCE) teacher training course. The modules I...