Dr Nick Young and Heartstart Thatcham

Hello, my name is Dr Nick Young. I am an engineer by education with a career in teaching, training and web developing. In addition I also write magazine articles on computing topics as well as being a keen local historian with several books published. My spare time involves teaching Heartstart and Call Push Rescue (CPR, defibrillators and other first aid skills) for FREE to the local community.

Professional work

I am a qualified (PGCE) and experienced (FE & HE) teacher/lecturer having taught at educational establishments including Newbury College (Berkshire, England). Teaching has included topics such as networking (network installation, network operating systems, network design, network administration and assembly, network/engineering project and wide area networks), website design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), programming (C, JavaScript, PHP), object oriented programming (OOP with C++), and systems software to BTEC First, National Diploma and Higher National Diploma students. 

Voluntary work

In 2013 I established Heartstart Thatcham which teaches, for free, Emergency Life Support (ELS) to members of the public. This is done in the form of the British Heart Foundations Heartstart and Call Push Rescue schemes. In addition to this the team also raises funds for and places defibrillators around the region.

I am, or have been, actively involved in various other community groups and activities. This includes having been the chairman of Thatcham Historical Society, for which I also run the website (www.thatchamhistoricalsociety.org.uk). In addition I also ran the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures (PAML), which started in 2010 and closed in 2014, raising money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in memory of Peter.  I was involved with Thatcham Vision since its inception in 2005 until it disbanded in 2017 having sat on the  steering group and executive group, I was vice chair and also provided IT support but perhaps more importantly for me, heritage views. 


I obtained a PhD with research conducted in the Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG) at the University of Bath. My main research involved developing noise reduction and preprocessing methods for digital images and video using Mathematical Morphology. The research also delved into 'Psycho-visually Lossless' preprocessing for digital images. Whilst at university, I also became a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET).



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In addition I have written numerous articles on computing, local (Thatcham and Newbury) history and first aid for local magazines including Thatcham Town Guide, Thatcham Connections, Buzz Magazine and Out & About.