Thatcham history tour

26th Apr 2017
I gave another Thatcham history tour on 24th April 2017 to members of Thatcham Historical Society.

Wormstalls Charity

20th Apr 2017
Having given a few talks on the history of Newbury recently (2016/7) I find myself defending what I believe about Newbury Grammar School, or rather...

DIY indoor positioning (part 1)

8th Apr 2017
Finding your position outdoors on a device is easy with GPS but indoors is another matter. I have some potential projects that might need indoor...

St Luke's or St Mary's?

29th Mar 2017
Most towns have a place of religious worship, a church or chapel for example. Thatcham is no different and Kemp1 suggested that Thatcham might have...

Newbury, a worldwide phenomenon

19th Mar 2017
The name of a settlement can reveal so much about the history of a place. Newbury for example comes from "New Burgh", a new market town created in...

My Heartstart Thatcham

13th Mar 2017
Anyone who reads my blog will know I am involved with the local community. I have worked with, and/or continue to do so, Thatcham Historical Society...