Chamberhouse Castle

14th Jan 2018
Many historic buildings are hidden in plain sight. For example Thatcham House, Thatcham Farm, Monks Chambers and Crown House are all historic...

West Berkshire Community Champions 2017

4th Jan 2018
The West Berkshire Community Champions 2017 were awarded at a special presentation on 7th December 2017. The evening started with Councillor Quentin...

Dunston House

20th Dec 2017
Thatcham has been owned by many notable people although none have had a Manor house or lived in Thatcham, that is until 1722 AD.

Ham Mill or Mills?

26th Nov 2017
Thatcham once covered a much larger area than it does today (a future post will detail the changing boundary) and until the 20th century Ham Mill was...

Love teaching?

23rd Nov 2017
There is no doubt teaching is a rewarding experience. I am going to generalise and when I say teaching in this article I am including not only...

Listed buildings

9th Nov 2017
Being an historian I am well aware of listed buildings and thought it would be interesting, having dabled with QGIS and Tilemill, to see what the...