Is Thatcham Britains oldest inhabited settlement?

4th Mar 2018
Not everyone who lives or works in Thatcham knows that this Berkshire town lays claim to being Britain’s oldest inhabited settlement. Indeed it is an...

Thatcham Church

15th Feb 2018
It is believed that a place of worship was erected on the site of St. Mary's church during the 7th century AD. This would have been a wooden...

Thatcham Historical Society

6th Feb 2018
Most know I love my local history and that I have been involved with Thatcham Historical Society for some time. I have been involved since 1999 and...

Chamberhouse Castle

14th Jan 2018
Many historic buildings are hidden in plain sight. For example Thatcham House, Thatcham Farm, Monks Chambers and Crown House are all historic...

West Berkshire Community Champions 2017

4th Jan 2018
The West Berkshire Community Champions 2017 were awarded at a special presentation on 7th December 2017. The evening started with Councillor Quentin...

Dunstan House

20th Dec 2017
Thatcham has been owned by many notable people although none have had a Manor house or lived in Thatcham, that is until 1722 AD.