My Talks

I am always being asked to give talks on either CPR and defibrillators, see Heartstart Thatcham, or more generally my local history. Ignoring the CPR/defibrillators (just shout if that is what you want), below is a list of some of the talks I have given over the last 10 years or so:


  1. A history of Thatcham Pubs
  2. Archaeology of Thatcham
  3. Around Thatcham in Postcards
  4. Charities of Thatcham (short 20/30 mins)
  5. Complete history of Thatcham
  6. Curious facts of old Thatcham
  7. Echo’s of Thatcham (Thatcham history through Newspapers)
  8. Historic buildings of Thatcham
  9. History of Thatcham (schools version)
  10. Listed buildings of Thatcham
  11. Personalities and places of Thatcham
  12. Photographic tour of Old Thatcham
  13. Thatcham & The Great War (short talk)
  14. Thatcham Curiosities / How well do you know Thatcham?
  15. Thatcham in 1953
  16. Thatcham in 1966
  17. Thatcham in 1968
  18. Thatcham in 1972
  19. Thatcham Notables
  20. Thatcham Then & Now (several versions)
  21. Thatcham: 40 years a town
  22. Thatcham: an historic town in a changing world
  23. Trades of Thatcham


  1. Soldiers in Thatcham Cemetery
  2. St Mary's Church graveyard tour
  3. St Mary's Church history tour
  4. Heritage walks (various different routes, town centre, Church to Chapel, etc.)


  1. Newbury 365
  2. Newbury in old photographs
  3. Newbury Then & Now (several versions)
  4. The City, Newbury
  5. Forgotten Newbury

Thatcham & Newbury

  1. Archaeology of the District (Newbury & Thatcham)
  2. Newbury & Thatcham, an historic comparison


  1. History of Lyme Regis

Almost ready!

  1. Newbury a world wide phenomenon
  2. Thatcham: forgotten or gone?
  3. History of St Mary's Church

I have others and have also given tours around the town, around the church, graveyard and cemetery.