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PSD to HTML/CSS: Part 2


Previously (see part 1) we discussed how to split the design into sections and we downloaded an outline/initial project files. This time we will code the HTML, the initial code anyway. For this we are going to completely ignore coding...

PSD to HTML/CSS: Part 1


In the introduction to this series (Thatcham Historical Society Refresh Series) I gave an overview of what this was all about, documenting the redesign and coding of an existing website. In this article I will look at the initial stages,...

Thatcham Historical Society Refresh Series


I am presenting the first in a series of articles that will detail how the Thatcham Historical Society got a site refresh. Or more specifically find out about the redesign and how the PSD theme was converted to HTML. Then learn how...

Daleri-Single Drupal Theme


I have just finished converting the latest website template by Andreas Viklund to Drupal. See it on my pages, here, or on the Drupal website. ...

Andreas Viklunds Themes


I have already ported several themes to Drupal as well as some of Andreas Viklunds other themes (Andreas02, 1024 and Daleri). This is a set of all the Andreas0X themes (Andreas00 - Andreas09) and comprises of the themes shown at the...

Drupal Themes


I ported Andreas02 (see original authors website) to Drupal in 2007. Since then, a huge amount of people have asked me if I would port other themes by Andreas Viklund over. Well this is now well underway.  Earlier today I released...

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