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Family Tree Charts (part 1)


Family history is, and has been, a growing hobby for a long time for a great many people. For the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures this year, 2012, we decided to focus one talk on Family History, although almost every talk notes various...

Honoured with a Gold Civic Award


In February/March 2011 I got a letter from Thatcham Town Council saying I was to be awarded a Gold Civic Award for my work in promoting the town. To say this came as a suprise would be an understatement. There are few things like this...

Family Tree Charts (part 2)


This is the second post on family trees, if you missed part one then pop back and read it here. To continue with the different type of Family Tree charts that I have been experimenting with ...

Thatcham and Newbury History


I started and finished writing my latest history book in 2011 entitled “Thatcham: Then and Now.” The book was sent to the publishers, The History Press, and is now being printed ready for a July 2012 release. Many local people...

Thatcham: then and now (update)


I wrote a post about Thatcham: then and now a while ago. I have now (October 2011) completed the book and it is being put togehter, the layout and artwork anyway, by the publisher ready for a July 2012 release. It has been a fantastic...

History in the Community


History in the community is something that you hear little about. I know there are groups and projects around the country promoting history, actively, into their communities. I and others want to promote the heritage in and around...

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