Heartstart and Arduino

A few updates, firstly Heartstart. Heartstart Thatcham became official on 13th May 2013 and is currently (June 2013) putting paperwork, funding and so on into order. What this means is that the scheme is independent from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) but is affiliated to it. The BHF supply equipment and other materials to get us up and running and allow us to use the name "Heartstart." It has taken almost a year to get here, although to be fair I did not do much about it until January this year. We have instructor training in July and will start trainging the public in August. If you want to know more then rather than me repeating it visit www.heartstartthatcham.info.

Secondly, the Arduino front has been quiet of late. I have made some progress and do plan to document it. I have got hold of a DDS to generate sounds or a signal for a ELF. I have used it to drive a speaker but it would be nice to compare a DAC, Arduino DDS and this dedicated DDS in terms of quality, speed and simlicity (code and circuitry). I may do this in a future post. First though I need to get the heart rate monitor working. Hopefuly this wont be long in coming...

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