Nick's Blog: 2009


This is a port of 1024px V3.0 by Andreas Viklund. This theme was originally designed by Andreas Viklund as a free website template.  Andreas states ( "The free website templates (and all included images and related extras) are released as open source web design.

Daleri Structure

This is a port of Daleri Structure V1.0, Daleri Mega V1.0 and Daleri Single V1.0 by Andreas Viklund. This is the fourth theme I (Nick Young) have ported to Drupal.

Useful: FoxMarks

Like many people I use several computers, both for personal use and work. I often book mark a website thinking that is a good tutorial or resource. Go to load it up a day later to find I bookmarked it on a different computer. To solve this issue, I am now using FoxMarks, which synchronises bookmarks between computers using Firefox. There are many options, you can have different profiles, work and home for example, and even access your bookmarks via their website for when you are using someone else’s computer.

Book Review: Bulletproof Web Design

Website design and development can be difficult at the best of times. There are so many issues to consider including validation, browser compatibility and which method(s) to use. Many developers prefer to use designs that are as bulletproof as possible, meaning that they will work for the majority of browsers. How to go about this is debatable.

What If: Gutenberg Press

What: The Gutenberg press, created by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 (or thereabouts) was the first movable type printing press in the world. There were other movable type systems around during this period, but as far as Europe is concerned, this was invented independently by Johannes Gutenberg. The system used metal blocks with letters on them, which could easily be moved or changed and were very durable. This led to the mass publication of books, including the Bible.