Book Review: Drupal 6 Site Blueprints

Anyone who knows me knows I love to use the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). In my opinion Drupal is relatively easy to use, although it can be daunting knowing how to configure the system to accomplish the desired working website. For example, setting up a blog with Drupal is easy, but how do you add a gallery? What if you would like to pull RSS feeds from another source or even run an e-commerce website?

I learnt the hard way, trial and error. However, over the past few years there have been a number of publications released that are supposed to help teach people how to configure Drupal. One of these is "Drupal 6 Site Blueprints" by Timi Ogunjobi.

The book, produced by Packt publishing, contains 12 chapters. Each chapter lays out a scenario for a website and then proceeds to explain the modules and settings used to create a Drupal website that fulfils the scenario. Several different website configurations are covered including a personal website, events website, newspaper website, e-commerce website and a Google Map website.

It would be easy to use these tutorials as starting points for your own projects. Once you have tried a couple, you can even grasp how to merge different configurations together. For example an e-commerce website with a section that shows industry news aggregated from another source.

The book is nicely laid out, easy to follow and well written. It is, in my opinion, aimed at beginners. It does assume some basic knowledge of Drupal such as installing Drupal and the installation of both modules and themes.


So in summary, Drupal 6 Site Blueprints is a good tutorial style book to help the beginner learn how to configure Drupal to suit differing scenarios and requirements. I know that some novices may also find the book helpful , especially if they have had little d experience of differ types of websites.

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