Nick's Blog: 2008

2008 Round-up

So another year is almost over and a new about to start. Let's have a look at what has happened on this site this last year and what I plan to do in the comming year. Highlights of 2008:

Validation Questions

Until recently, I thought that all web developers understood the importance of validation. For example, to ensure maximum browser compatability, WAI and Section 508 compliance, etc. Several recent comments have made me realise that there are a lot of people, including web developers, that still do not understand the importance. To see how much of a problem this is I have asked two questions (see below) on Please vote (see links below):


Mike Gifford from OpenConcept Consulting Inc. have posted about themes from Drupal that validate (see this post). One of the themes I ported, Andreas02 is listed. Thanks Mike.


I have been getting numerous emails about spam sent by Firstly, I do not send spam and do everything I can to avoid getting it. However, it does appear that someone out there is using my email as a reply-to address. This does not mean that I sent it, just that who ever sent it changed who you should reply to. Please note, I have nothing to do with these emails and I will not reply to them. My hosting company has been notified and will be taking further action. If you wish to see who sent the emails, then look at the message headers.

Curriculum Vitae

I left my job recently and have been updating my CV.  If you are looking for someone to set-up a website (Drupal, WordPress, or other), want some programming undertaking, IT consultancy, research, etc. please take a look at my CV, which you can find at: