• My History Talks

    Always being asked to give talks on either CPR and defibrillators, see Heartstart Thatcham, or more generally my history. Here is a list of some of the talks I have given over the last 10 years or so: Thatcham


  • Newbury 365 launched

    A new history book, Newbury 365, was launched at West Berkshire Museum on Saturday 14th October 2015. The book, written by Dr Nick Young, details at least one historical event that took place on each day of the year. The book covers every day events, the English Civil War, murder and much more. For...


  • Making a difference

    Making a difference

    This year, 2014, has been chaos. I will post a full review in a later post but recently I have been reminded that what I do in the community makes a difference. In 2011 I had the honour of being presented with a Gold Civic Award for my community work, namely my involvement with Thatcham Historical...


  • Newbury Then and Now

    Newbury Then and Now

    Many people now know about my book “Thatcham Then and Now” that was published in 2012 by The History Press. Well there is now another one, "Newbury Then and Now" that I have written. It should be on the shelves the week commencing the 12th August 2013.  W.H.Smith and Waterstones in Newbury...


  • Heartstart Thatcham's First Beat!

    Heartstart Thatcham

    Anyone who reads my blog, knows me or reads the local press will know I have been trying to set-up a Heartstart Scheme in Thatcham. Well that has now, after a year, happened.


  • Thatcham Then and Now Launch

    Thatcham Then and Now

    Many people now know about my book, “Thatcham Then and Now.” It is set to launch later this week at an event on 26th July 2012, 7pm at Frank Hutchings Community Hall in Thatcham. I am giving a short talk at the launch, presenting a few of the books to certain people and then Thatcham Family...


Types of Cameras

digital SLR Camera

When people talk about types of camera, one of two things will enter their thoughts, either “Compact” or “SLR.” Both are looked at in this article. Infact there are other types as well including bridge and Compact System Camera (CSC).


Sep 15, 2011

PSD to HTML/CSS: Part 1

Website from Project Deploy by Oscar Godson

In the introduction to this series (Thatcham Historical Society Refresh Series) I gave an overview of what this was all about, documenting the redesign and coding of an existing website. In this article I will look at the initial stages, the preperation, for converting the new design, a PSD file,...


Aug 26, 2011

Site refresh

The JournalCrunch (modified) theme for nickbits.co.uk

After a long wait this site, nickbits.co.uk, has now had a refresh. I have done three or four site refreshes over the last couple of weeks, all of the others have been for work, hence the delay in getting my personal site reworked.


Aug 15, 2011

Nick's guide to photography

Mark and Laura's Wedding, Cornwall, 2011. Photograph by Nick Young

This is the first of what I hope to be an ongoing series on photography. The aim is to provide a series targeted to all, beginners and the advanced based on what I have learnt and the techneques I use. Before we start, let me give you a short background about myself. Ignoring photography for a...


Aug 14, 2011

Thatcham Historical Society Refresh Series

Thatcham Historical Society Redesign

I am presenting the first in a series of articles that will detail how the Thatcham Historical Society got a site refresh. Or more specifically find out about the redesign and how the PSD theme was converted to HTML. Then learn how it was converted to Drupal along with access to the source files.


Aug 14, 2011

Freedom of Thatcham Town

Freedom of Thatcham Town (to Denison)

I was lucky enough to be involved with the "Freedom of the Town" event in Thatcham on 20th July 2011. I was asked by Thatcham Town Council if I could provide a live web cast of the event. Normally I take photographs and not video, I couldn't really say no. Besides many people had already remarked...


Aug 13, 2011