• My History Talks

    Always being asked to give talks on either CPR and defibrillators, see Heartstart Thatcham, or more generally my history. Here is a list of some of the talks I have given over the last 10 years or so: Thatcham


  • Newbury 365 launched

    A new history book, Newbury 365, was launched at West Berkshire Museum on Saturday 14th October 2015. The book, written by Dr Nick Young, details at least one historical event that took place on each day of the year. The book covers every day events, the English Civil War, murder and much more. For...


  • Making a difference

    Making a difference

    This year, 2014, has been chaos. I will post a full review in a later post but recently I have been reminded that what I do in the community makes a difference. In 2011 I had the honour of being presented with a Gold Civic Award for my community work, namely my involvement with Thatcham Historical...


  • Newbury Then and Now

    Newbury Then and Now

    Many people now know about my book “Thatcham Then and Now” that was published in 2012 by The History Press. Well there is now another one, "Newbury Then and Now" that I have written. It should be on the shelves the week commencing the 12th August 2013.  W.H.Smith and Waterstones in Newbury...


  • Heartstart Thatcham's First Beat!

    Heartstart Thatcham

    Anyone who reads my blog, knows me or reads the local press will know I have been trying to set-up a Heartstart Scheme in Thatcham. Well that has now, after a year, happened.


  • Thatcham Then and Now Launch

    Thatcham Then and Now

    Many people now know about my book, “Thatcham Then and Now.” It is set to launch later this week at an event on 26th July 2012, 7pm at Frank Hutchings Community Hall in Thatcham. I am giving a short talk at the launch, presenting a few of the books to certain people and then Thatcham Family...


Film vs Digital

Film and Digital

Before we start, I know this is a hotly debated topic and whilst there will be facts here, there are also opinions. In many cases there simply is no definitive answer. A reminder, assuming we are talking about Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, the only difference between film and digital cameras is...


Nov 27, 2011

Domain Clearout

Domain names for sale

I have an ever growing list of domain names, some are for personal use, some for various societies I am part of, some for family members and others for clients. I have started sifting through them to see which ones are in use and which I can get rid of. Some I got for projects I had planned to do,...


Nov 27, 2011

Thatcham: then and now (update)

Thatcham: then and now cover (DRAFT)

I wrote a post about Thatcham: then and now a while ago. I have now (October 2011) completed the book and it is being put togehter, the layout and artwork anyway, by the publisher ready for a July 2012 release. It has been a fantastic project and has spawned several other projects. One is to...


Nov 27, 2011

Search for yourself

Dr Nick Young's website

I decided to look for myself on various search engines and although I am happy that searching for "Nick Young" on several of them brings my site, www.nickbits.co.uk, as the second or third link. I look now and then just for fun, sometimes I do find some interesting things out.


Nov 11, 2011

History in the Community

Graveyard Tour by Nick Young 2011

History in the community is something that you hear little about. I know there are groups and projects around the country promoting history, actively, into their communities. I and others want to promote the heritage in and around Thatcham. I have now been doing this for a long time and have been...


Nov 9, 2011

PSD to HTML/CSS: Part 2


Previously (see part 1) we discussed how to split the design into sections and we downloaded an outline/initial project files. This time we will code the HTML, the initial code anyway. For this we are going to completely ignore coding CSS and will come onto that in the next article. So let’s start...


Oct 2, 2011