Daleri-Single Drupal Theme

1st Apr 2009
I have just finished converting the latest website template by Andreas Viklund to Drupal. See it on my pages, here, or on the Drupal website.

What If: Darwin

30th Mar 2009
What If: Charles Darwin had never developed and/or published his theory of evolution by natural selection? This year, 2009, is Darwin’s 200th...

TV/Film Review: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

29th Mar 2009
There are few people who will not have heard of Star Wars. The original Star Wars film was "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" which broke much new...

Useful: Design Melt Down

23rd Mar 2009
Many website designers need to take a little inspiration from time to time. Got a client that has said they want a blue theme or a portal site and...

Book Review: iCon: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

22nd Mar 2009
"iCon: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business" is the biography of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. The book is written by Jeffrey Young...

What If: The Civil War

18th Mar 2009
What if: The English Civil War, consisting of three distinct conflicts took place between the Royalist (Cavalier's) and Parliamentarians (Roundheads...